Systems Visualization

Systems Visualization is a new field developed by Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai as a part of his work at ICIS. The curriculum Dr. Ayyadurai developed at ICIS is now offered as a new course at MIT. Dr. Ayyadurai is conducting this 13 week course during the Fall and Spring semesters at MIT.

This course explores methods of visualizing complex systems using a range of simple visual metaphors. Provides an appreciation of the importance of whole systems thinking, in contrast to silo-based, single component thinking. Presents powerful visualization methodologies to conceive and draw complex systems, be they financial, media, economic, biological, political, etc. Focuses on creating visualizations that go beyond conveying information to invoke an emotional response, integrating cultural and historical variables. Techniques include animations developed from hand-drawn illustrations, data-flow diagrams, and computer-designed visual stories. No previous drawing experience required. Work centers on readings, visualization exercises, and a final project. Visualizations can be done in any preferred medium. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.

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