The following are the research groups that are supported by the International Center for Integrative Systems. The International Center for Integrative Systems believes in a shared set of resources that our community of researchers can use to advance research quicker rather than each researcher competing and reinventing resources for themselves. To this end, we have created and developed resources that are necessary for any researcher to advance their scientific work.

Systems Biology GroupSystems Biology Group

The Systems Biology at International Center for Integrative Systems focuses on understanding and researching the core scientific principles that bridge ancient systems of medicine with modern systems biology.



The EMAIL Lab was first started in 2001 as the EMAIL Research Institute in Cambridge, MA. During the years 2001 to 2007, the Institute functioned as an independent research center conducting research in EMAIL practices of large and small businesses. With the founding of International Center for Integrative Systems (ICIS) in 2007, EMAIL Research Institute began a new phase in its growth with support from ICIS. In 2012, the Institute assumed its new name — The EMAIL Lab.


Media BiomimeticsMedia Biomimetics

This new educational initiative explores how biological models, spanning molecule to cell to whole organisms, can provide insights into the dynamics of media interactions across human, social, business, governmental and cultural organizations, and is not intended to be deterministic.


Innovation Systems ResearchInnovation Systems Research

VA SHIVA INNOVATION CORPS™ aims to provide support to high school students across the globe that will help them to develop their ideas into practical businesses. With the cooperation of local philanthropists, professionals and businesses, selected students will receive advice, everyday practical help and financial support in setting up their business. Guidance in the areas of legal, marketing, book keeping and financing matters are some of the support the student will receive through Innovation Corps.


Food ResearchFood Research

ICIS has helped create standards for RAW foods and CLEAN foods. Standards certification processes have been created for them and products are certified as being Dertified R.A.W. and Certified C.L.E.A.N