Systems Biology Group

The Systems Biology at International Center for Integrative Systems focuses on understanding and researching the core scientific principles that bridge ancient systems of medicine with modern systems biology.

0001Integrative Modeling of Oxidative Stress and C1 Metabolism Reveals Upregulation of Formaldehyde and Downregulation of Glutathione

This research provides, to the authors’ knowledge, the first integrative model of oxidative stress and C1 metabolism in plants. Increased oxidative stress can cause irreversible damage to photosynthetic components and is harmful to plants. Perturbations at the genetic level may increase oxidative stress and upregulate antioxidant systems in plants.


0001In Silico Modeling of C1 Metabolism

This paper provides an integrative computational, in silico, model of C1 metabolism is developed from molecular pathway systems identified from a recent, comprehensive systematic bioinformatics review of C1 metabolism.


0001Discovery of Key Molecular Pathways of C1 Metabolism and Formaldehyde Detoxification in Maize

This paper explores a methodological process to identify key molecular pathways from systematic bioinformatics literature review. This process is used to identify molecular pathways for a ubiquitous molecular process in all plant biological systems: C1 metabolism and formaldehyde detoxification, specific to maize.


The Rosetta Stone for Siddha and AyurvedaThe Rosetta Stone for Siddha and Ayurveda

A breakthrough paper that conclusively validates the scientific foundation of Ayurveda and Siddha, based on modern control systems engineering, has been published in the International Journal of Systems of Systems Engineering (IJSSE), an eminent peer-reviewed international systems engineering journal. The paper’s research findings were presented at Sages & Scientists Conference in Carlsbad, California USA.