VA SHIVA INNOVATION CORPS™ is a movement to support young innovators everywhere in turning their ideas to businesses.

VA SHIVA INNOVATION CORPS™ aims to provide support to high school students across the globe that will help them to develop their ideas into practical businesses. With the cooperation of local philanthropists, professionals and businesses, selected students will receive advice, everyday practical help and financial support in setting up their business. Guidance in the areas of legal, marketing, book keeping and financing matters are some of the support the student will receive through Innovation Corps.

VA SHIVA INNOVATION CORPS™ program consists of various levels of support. The program starts with the high school students aged 14 to 18 years filling out an application form. The application should contain such details as student’s name, address, school details, mentor’s name (such as a school teacher or a youth program director locally in student’s area), and the innovative idea that the student is seeking to develop into a practical business. This program is sponsored by General Interactive, Inc., among others.

If you are a student of high school with an innovative idea, please submit your application for grant. A team of eminent entrepreneurs and business professionals will review all applications and select Young Innovators to receive the grant consisting of cash and services.

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