Lecture 12: Your Body, Your System

Characterizing Your Body Type Using Traditional Medicine

Your Body, Your System® is a personalized education system, brought to you by VA Shiva Ayyadurai, world renowned scientist and inventor, that integrates the principles of modern systems theory with eastern approaches to medicine. It helps you to understand your body as a system, and how you can manage your system effectively with food, supplements and activity.

The Science Behind Your Body, Your System®

We can look at the human body in different ways. Modern medicine has taken the approach of understanding the body by studying its individual parts (molecules, cells, tissues, organs, etc.) in a highly specialized manner. This effort has provided humankind with enormous benefits such as antibiotics, advanced surgical techniques, and molecular medicine. Another approach is to view the body as a whole and study its holistic interaction with the environment, internally and externally. This is the approach of ancient systems of medicine such as Siddha, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which have benefited billions of people for thousands of years. More