There is a plethora of products hopping on to the RAW food and CLEAN food bandwagons every day. Some claim “100% Natural”, some “100% Organic”, but there is really no clear perspective for the end consumer on what these claims mean. The International Center for Integrative Systems is taking efforts to clear this confusion by creating universally accepted standards for certification of food products. A Certified R.A.W.™ or Certified C.L.E.A.N.™ certification will ensure compliance to these universally accepted standards and will serve as verification of manufacturers’ claims and will also serve to support the growth of the raw food community while enabling transparency for consumers, retailers, manufacturers and the regulatory community.

Certified R.A.WWhen you see the RawFoodCertified symbol, the consumer will be assured that the product has been verified to be SAFE (per Federal and regulatory guidelines), MINIMALLY PROCESSED (non-GMO, Organic and a relatively low temperature processing), and is BIOAVAILABLE (based on in silico by modeling of the combination of ingredients through CytoSolve®).
Certified C.L.E.A.N.We all know the adage Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine. The confusion emerging from understanding what is “raw” food provides a broader opportunity to define what good food is. We have been told, far too many times, what kind of food is “bad”. But rarely are we told what is good food. We’re told not to eat too much fat, sugar is bad, stay away from chemicals and pesticides etc., but what is good food? What is clean food? What is raw food? Is there a systematic and scientific way where we can identify what is good food?