THE EMAIL Lab was first started in 2001 as the EMAIL Research Institute in Cambridge, MA. During the years 2001 to 2007, the Institute functioned as an independent research center conducting research in EMAIL practices of large and small businesses. With the founding of International Center for Integrative Systems (ICIS) in 2007, EMAIL Research Institute began a new phase in its growth with support from ICIS. In 2012, the Institute assumed its new name — THE EMAIL Lab. Today, THE EMAIL Lab hosts educational events at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Emerson College.

For the past eleven years, the EMAIL Lab has been keeping close track of the use of EMAIL and its management practices. The Lab has performed in-depth analysis of billions of emails sent and received by some of the world’s largest organizations and small-medium businesses.

The research conducted by the EMAIL Lab has revealed a wealth of information about how EMAIL is used by organizations to acquire, maintain and service their constituents including consumers, clients, vendors and employees. This research significantly helped in developing EMAIL Management and EMAIL Marketing as specialized fields of business communication management.

The EMAIL Lab aims to provide education on EMAIL best practices, conduct research and publish strategic papers on effective management of EMAIL by the business world and to invent innovative solutions for addressing challenges faced in the field of communication by today’s organizations.
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